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Explore Your

Inner Wisdom

Welcome and Namaste,

to all of you who are truth seekers

with the deep wish of living a fulfilled and happy life.

Do you want to transform?

Do you have the feeling that there is a stronger, wiser and more self-assured YOU inside – waiting to step out into the light to live a beautiful life achieving your full potential?

Do you want to find your unique soul path and be the hero of your life?

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I'm Elke de Silva.

I am

an Holistic Coach,

EFT Practitioner,

Yoga Instructor,

Meditation Teacher


Nature Lover.

As a graduate architect, I'm also the Co-Creator and Co-Founder of our retreat center ‘Niyagama House’ in Galle, Sri Lanka,

where I am living since 2007, thrilled by the country, its people and Ayurveda.

I’m helping all truth seekers to connect with their inner wisdom so that they can walk confidently and self-empowered on their soul path towards happiness and fulfilment.

Since 2009 I am passionately weaving my “magical flying carpet” of elements that are supporting our guests to feel good and confident in their bodies, to become calm and balanced and to learn to trust their


Do you like to explore yours?

Yoga at Home

Why not begin

with your first step right now?

My 5 Elements:

Your Support to connect with Your Inner Wisdom

Living is giving –

How I share my love and passion:

My five elements that I am offering to you are like the five main threads of my magic carpet.


They are all connected with each other, just like all in life is connected and one.

Each element brings you closer to your inner wisdom. But a good combination of them, supervised by your inner wisdom, can weave MAGIC into your life.

Enjoy and explore which one of them sounds interesting for you.

You are unique and there is your personal path to happiness that only you can walk.

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Are you ready for the next step?

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Element 1:

Your Inner Hero >

Holistic Coaching

  • Find your dream job by following your inner calling.

  • Improve your inner and outer communication.

  • Replace bad habits with good routines.

  • Change negative beliefs into positive ones.

  • Work with your shadows and release your triggers.

One on one. Online or in Niyagama House.

Book a complimentary Info-Talk with me

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Your Inner Balancer >

EFT - Tapping

  • Reduce your stress level significantly.

  • Improve your immune & nervous system.

  • Balance your emotions and release energetic blockages.

  • Transform cravings and walk the "middle way".

  • Release old trauma by connecting with your inner child.

One on one. Online or in Niyagama House.

Learn with me how to do the tapping

Element 2:

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Your Inner Instructor >


  • Develop strength and flexibility.

  • Calm the mind by developing body awareness.

  • Improve your stamina and lung activity.

  • Start slowly and gently to release chronic pain.

  • Improve your energetic systems.

Daily group classes. 1 on 1. Retreats. 

In Niyagama House.

Explore my favorite Lower Back Power Asana

Element 3:

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Your Inner Guru >


  • Improve self-awareness and kindness.

  • Learn my Mindful Self-Compassion technique.

  • Give your "monkey-mind" a break.

  • Have a deeper sleep by reducing stress.

  • Connect with your higher self.

Twice daily 30min "on the house".

1 on 1 workshops. In Niyagama House.

Learn a relaxing Meditaton Technique

Element 4:

Element 5:

Your Inner Doctor >


  • Develop self-love with taking care of yourself.

  • Raise your energy levels.

  • Find a healthy and easy way to detoxify your body.

  • Improve your digestion in a natural way.

  • Enhance your well-being and skin-complexion.

Enjoy Ayurvedic Food and Detox Packages in Niyagama House.

Find Inspirations and Recipes in my Blog.

Do a complimentary Dosha Test

Your Challenge

My Insight

Your Achievement


Do you have a questions about my offers?

Do you like to be supported with a coaching session?

Just send me a mail and we will find out, what is best for you and how I can help you.

I'm looking forward to your message!

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Get the inside right. The outside will fall into place.

Eckhart Tolle

From my happy Tribe

being full of gratitude

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Dear Elke,

the coaching with you was enlightening, clarifying and inspiring.

With your affectionate and happy way of being and precisely fitting - sometimes provocative – questions, you created a space in which I felt seen. The solutions came to me as if by themselves. In the end, I found a way out of feeling powerless. Now I know how I can go on with joy. THANK YOU!

Daniela, Germany, June 2020


Me and my wife stayed for a 3 night blissful  meditation and yoga retreat.


Everything here really exceeded our expectations, so we extended our stay.


Elke is an amazing yoga teacher! She is experienced and checking on each student, making everyone feel safe and comfortable. Always with warmth and a smile.

Mattias, Sweden, February 2020

EFT - Tapping

Dear Elke,

your work has power. Thank you for introducing me to EFT. It is an amazing tool that I am using now on a regular basis.

Andrea, Germany, June 2020


in Niyagama House


Elke is a star, full of passion and knowledge, she is a great person to meet and to spend time with and talk about tea, yoga, Buddhism, history, music and literature.

Piero, Italy, April 2020


Niyagama House is a place where you can disconnect from the world to reconnect with yourself. Elke teaches multiple different yoga types and classes as well as meditations throughout the day to satisfy and grow your inner well-being.

Frank, The Netherlands, Jan 2020

Upcoming Events


Special Offers

created with love

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Coaching & EFT Special Prices until March 1, 2021


While we are all still waiting for the "Real New Life" to begin,

I am offering special discounts on my private online Coaching and EFT Sessions.


I love to offer my knowledge for all who are frustrated,

feeling maybe lonely or stressed by the worldwide

special situation since March 2020.

Jan 9-16, 2021 > First Inner Wisdom Retreat in 2021

8 Days / 7 Nights full of Yoga, Meditation, Self-Development, Fun and like-minded People

The first dates are out. Including Early Bird Offers for each Retreat.

Contact me for further information

To the Yoga & Event Calendar 2021

From my blossoming Blog

since October 2020

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August 2020

The Thinker by Rodin


The Power of

Your Thoughts

September 2020

Dosha Mix Spices


October 2020

Elke on Instagram

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"Follow the flow. Your inner wisdom is guiding you. Trust it."

Elke de Silva

Inner Wisdom Letter

Insights - Stories - Inspirations

Monthly I’m sending out a special Wisdom Letter which is designed to support

your connection with your inner wisdom in your real day to day life.

It can be some kind of self-coaching tip, a transcript for an EFT session, an explanation of a yoga pose and its benefits, insights about meditation or an inspirational and tasty Ayurveda recipe. It also can include some news about Sri Lanka and my experiences in this beautiful country.

It will be interesting and entertaining, giving you plenty of new tools that you can try. And if you like, you implement them into your own routines.


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The path is the goal. Enjoy!


Namaste and all the best, Elke