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Spend Your

Perfect ME-TIME

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With like-minded


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In our private and family-run “Yoga-Hideaway” you can unwind from the “hustle and bustle” of daily life. Some days with yourself, with tranquility and reflection time.

Hours spend with yoga, meditation, healthy food, relaxing at the pool, Ayurveda massages, self-development and restful sleep.

Being surrounded by like-minded people and our fantastic staff that is taking care of your wishes and needs.

"The only journey is the one within."

– Rainer Maria Rilke

Come visit us for some days before or after your Sri Lanka round trip. Or stay for a full week retreat. It would be wonderful to welcome you in our tropical paradise!

My Retreat Offers

Yoga Bliss Neon Sky


Yoga Bliss Retreat

  • 4 Days – 3 Nights

  • Starts whenever you want

1 Bliss Logo png.png

This is our “retreat light version”: three days in a row morning yoga and meditation. You can book additional classes for the day if you feel like it, or rather spend the rest of the day at our pool, the beach or in a national park – maybe together with your “No Yoga Buddy”. Complete flexibility.

Follow the link and read more about the ingredients, the daily options and our room discount offer for all our Yoga Bliss Yogis.

More Info Soon
Yoga Bliss Retrat
Yoga Immersion 2 Crips


Yoga Immersion Retreat

  • 6 Days – 5 Nights

  • Starts whenever you want

2 Immersion Logo turquoise png.png

This is your commitment to five days morning yoga, for deepening your practice and for enjoying more “Me-Time”. Also in this package you can book additional classes for the day if you feel like it, or are completely free during the rest of the day. Commitment & Flexibility.

Follow the link and read more about the ingredients, the daily options and our room discount offer for all our Yoga Immersion Yogis.

More Info Soon
Yoga Immersion Retrat
Inner Wisdom Neon


Inner Wisdom Yoga Retreat

  • 8 Days – 7 Nights

  • 9 times in 2021

3 Inner Wisdom Logo png.png

Dive in and find out. Discover your favorite yoga asana, your pranayama, your mudra, your mantra and your chakra. Learn EFT – not only a great stress relieve tool, explore your belief system and become clearer about your goals, wishes and dreams.

This is one week of self-exploration with Sun Salutations in the morning and Sunset Yin Yoga in the evening. With group workshops and meditations. And with a lot of fun. Explore your Inner Wisdom.

Follow the link and read more about the ingredients, the daily options and our room discount offer for all our Inner Wisdom Yogis.

Inner Wisdom Retreat
Aerial Neon 3x


Aerial Elevation Weekend

  • 3 Days – 2 Nights

  • 9 times in 2021

4 Aerial Logo png.png

Aerial Yoga is a wonderful way to practice yoga with the help of a soft fabric hammock, so that you can elevate your asanas in a playful way. With your body weight partially or fully supported,  you’ll let go into gravity, be held by the hammock, and awaken your yogic bliss.

Fun & Flying.

Follow the link and read more about this weekend retreat and our room discount offer for all our Aerial Elevation Yogis.

Aerial Elevation Weekend
Day Retreat Neon Sky 100


Day Retreat

  • 1 Days – 0 Nights

  • all year long

Day Event Logo.png

Spend a wonderful day in Niyagama House: with or without yoga, maybe with a massage, a walk in the tea plantation, a jump into our marvelous pool. Our restaurant is open from 7am to 10pm, waiting to fulfill your wishes.

Your One-Day-Holiday.

Day Retreat
Weekend Retreat Neon 2x


Weekend Retreat

  • 3 Days – 2 Nights

  • all year long

Weekend Retreat Logo png.png

This is our special offer for locals and residents who like to deeply relax over the weekend. Arrive on Friday whenever you want and leave refreshed and reenergized on Sunday – with a complimentary late check out, if available.

Get out of the city and dive into tranquility.

Depending on our availability, we do offer great last minute discounts. Just contact us.

Weekend Retreat

Let’s meet and do yoga. Let’s sit together and meditate. Let’s sweat, laugh and grow together. We are all on our path to happiness and every step is counting.                                   Elke de Silva  

Good to Know:

Good to Know
Anna & Elke L

About the Yoga:

  • All classes are good for everyone – from the “first time yoga” person up to the intermediate level. It will be very often a mixed level class, but I am a “specialist” in giving everybody just as much “intensity” as it will be good for you.

  • In case you have a certain condition that is hindering you in only a few movements, let me know in advance and I adjust your pose in the way that you still can fully enjoy the class.

  • Aerial Yoga is not recommended for pregnant women, if you have high blood or eye pressure. Kindly consult your doctor before booking the retreat.

  • There is always the option to extend your stay with us – before or after your retreat.

  • Yoga Walk-Ins are always welcome. Just come for the yoga or stay for meditation, breakfast, pool or maybe even a relaxing massage. Kindly contact me for further information.

Elke & Gaby

About the House and your Stay:

  • We are not a “retreat only” place. Go ahead and bring your “No-Yoga-Buddy”.

  • As we respect the wish of our guests  to define their Me-Time by themselves, you will not find the long “yoga-community-table” in our restaurant. But of course you can move the tables together whenever you feel like it ;-).

  • Next to plenty of vegetarian food and detox menus we do also offer fish, seafood and chicken in our verandah restaurant.

  • Cancelation from my side: In the case that I need to cancel the retreat (which did not happen during the last eight years – fingers crossed ;-), we will fully refund your payments).

Elke & Russia

About our House Rules & practicing the "Buddhist Middle Way”:

  • Niyagama House is a non-smoking retreat, but there is a “secret” smoking place behind the pool area.

  • We don’t serve alcohol, but you can bring your own and we have the matching glasses.

  • We welcome all guests from the age of 12 onwards to ensure tranquility and relaxation.

  • All yoga guests are compassionate with our no-yoga guests in the early morning, with keeping the house as tranquil as possible before the morning yoga class ;-).

Elke's Wish for the Future


Let's hope... 

... that we soon can come together again and enjoy the power of doing something as a group. Feeling the energy in the room rising, exploring our edges together, laughing and growing together.

Be safe....

... in our big new yoga room, where there is place for up to 30 yogis, so that with a group of 10 to 15 people we all can have enough "privacy" around every mat.


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Inner Wisdom Letter

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Insights - Stories - Inspirations


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