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Inner Calling


Your Destiny

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It's All

Inside of You

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Your Inner Calling

Your Inner Calling is imprinted into your soul essence. It is expressed in the job and life situation that makes you happy and successful. Your life dream, your longing is sent to you by the part of your soul essence that is still not realized in your life. Your soul task is to live your inner calling, if possible to its full potential and to clear your past, your primary scenarios as a child.

What gives wings to your heart?

In which direction would you love to fly?

Deep inside of you lies your truth. The truth about who you are and what you want.


During your life you did learn and experience a lot. Somebody told you what you can do and what not, what is allowed, what is good and more. And maybe you collected a certain amount of self-doubt, shame, wrong beliefs, fears and patterns along the way, which are blocking you now. Below all this you can find your true self, your true nature, your unique force and power.

Start now to discover how you can, step by step,

realize your dream life, your potential - with the help of your inner wisdom.

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How to Discover my Inner Calling?

There are various options to begin to see your true self.

  • Start by examining your situation in the here and now. Your power for change is only in the now.

  • Looking into the past to find negative beliefs. As a negative mind will never give you a positive life.

  • Actively envision your future. Remember that your life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.

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The present moment contains past and future.

The secret of transformation is the way we handle this very moment. 

Thich Nhat Hanh 

My Inner Calling Work Approach

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to every call


exites your



Your Wings, your Dreams, your heroic Path

In a holistic coaching session I am guiding you on your way of self-discovery.


There are interesting tools to explore your personality, your life and work situation.

All this will help you to understand, why you are right now the way you are. It also will connect you again with your true desire and longing, helping you to plan reaching the next level towards your dream life.

Step by step you get to know the magic of your life. What maybe did feel strange before is suddenly matching and all becomes one. This development is not meant to be a heavy load. It can be done in a playful and easy way.

During this process you can get rid of what is no longer serving. Then there will be space to invite in the new and the better.

How to start?

Finding out more about your inner calling will be done in a regular coaching session.

You can go back to the main Coaching page for more information about the session or schedule a free info talk with me.

You can also go on and explore my work with EFT and with the Inner Child Technique.

My coaching session with Elke was a very clear and empowering experience.


Setting a comprehensible frame for our session, for where we will go and explore as well as for our boundaries, I was able to go deeper into my topic I came with and to understand the dimensions as well as boundaries to it.


Through intelligent questioning, Elke supported me to sharpen my view and explore crucial details, which eventually helped me to move further into a direction which seemed quite blurred before.

Ewa, Germany, April 2020

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Elke's Inner Calling

It is my “running gag” that I am telling my guests in Niyagama House, if they’re asking me how I landed in Sri Lanka. Before I give them an explantation about my WHY, I say:

You can believe me. If in 2005 somebody would have told me “Elke, I did check the crystal ball yesterday and very soon you will run a retreat in Sri Lanka together with a wonderful husband”, I really would have answered:

What did you drink or smoke?

That is not really on my “Want-To-Do-List”.

But – here I am, since 2007. Thanks to my inner calling.

Absolutely no regrets.


Wishing you all the same experience.

Just try and explore – being guided by you inner wisdom.

Take care,

Crystal Ball
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Inner Wisdom Letter

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Insights - Stories - Inspirations


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