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Through Ups and Downs in Life

About Your Inner Wisdom

Maybe you're asking yourself:

"What is my inner wisdom?"

We all know, that life can be a rollercoaster.

There always will be good and bad days. It’s about how you find your balance, your middle way, how you can go with the flow. Knowing how to deal with the negative stuff, cherish and value all positive and stay on your soul path towards fulfilling what truly makes you happy.

Your inner wisdom knows the way. Learn to listen. Let me show you how.

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"Learning by Doing"

always works best for me.

What about you?

You can connect with your inner wisdom in many ways. A very simple one is meditation. Becoming still and listen what is coming up. Or follow a guided meditation.

Are you ready to try?

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There is no truth except the truth that exists within you. Everything else is what someone is telling you.

Neale Donald Walsch

About Me


The many Dances in my Life

Get to know me a little better, understand how I did weave my magical flying carpet and read more about my education, mission and vision for the future.

How I followed the flow from dance to yoga, from architecture to

coaching, from the city into tropical nature.

From Germany to Sri Lanka | My Mission | My Vision | My Education | My biggest Project | What more...?

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Ocean by Canva
Buddha Statue in Niyagama House
Aerial Kapotasana

Inner Wisdom Letter

Insights - Stories - Inspirations

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About Niyagama House

your retreat in the tea plantation

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Niyagama House is my home and haven of tranquility in the middle of our tea plantation and tropical nature.


Situated just a 20 min tuktuk drive inland from the UNESCO World Heritage site at Galle Fort and the Indian Ocean in Southern Sri Lanka.

About Niyagama House
NH Main Photo

Award Winning Relaxation

Our family-run, luxury Boutique Hotel and Yoga Retreat for up to 14 guests is a place to unwind and re-energize.

It offers pure relaxation with the options of yoga, meditation, personal development, Ayurveda massages and nutritious food.

Be inspired by our ideas of a healthier, happier life during your stay in an environment with beautiful architecture, infinity pool and garden area.

Coming soon:

The new Yoga House

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The big public opening of our Annex, the Yoga House, will take place in 2021.

We did use the challenging time in 2019 and 2020 to realize another dream and we are very excited:

Three new guest rooms and a big yoga shala for up to 30 yogis will be ready for you, for yoga groups and for wonderful retreats.

NH Shavasana

Impressions of Niyagama House

There is no joy in life like the joy of sharing. – Billy Graham

Interested in Staying with Us?

To relax, refresh and transform?

By yourself, with your partner or friend or as a yoga teacher / event organizer, bringing your own group?

It would be wonderful to welcome you here!

Have a look at the website for more inspiration

or just send me a mail.

Find us on Google Map
Tropical Leaves

Praise for Niyagama House

Niyagama House is just out of this world. I have been back a number of times and each visit opens up new experiences and memories that stay with you long after you have checked out. (…)  Returning to Niyagama is like stepping back into a secret garden of sanctuary and calm.

— February 2020, Bluecow (on Tripadvisor)

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Enjoy Exploring

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Discover my tools for your transformation

Have a look at my coaching technique, the wonderful tool EFT, my Yoga & Meditation styles and the benefits of Ayurveda wisdom.

I'm happy you are here.


Feel free to connect with me when you have a question

and always remember:

“Take good care of yourself – you are and always will be your best friend.”

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